7 must-see highlights from New York’s 2023 Winter Show

Effect Magazine rounds up the highlights from New York’s premier art and design fair, returning to the Park Avenue Armory for its 69th edition. Via Effect Magazine:


We last saw the Geoffrey Diner Gallery at Masterpiece 2022 in London, where Diner continued his impressive track-record by scooping Winner of Outstanding Display. Their 2023 Winter Show stand is every bit as exceptional.


Diner tells Effect: “We have come to specialise in masterworks of American design – in particular, George Nakashima, complemented by aesthetically compatible works of recherché Italian design, centred on Gio Ponti. The collection we have curated is unified by historical period and by a visual theme of cool, clean lines punctuated by touches of unfinished, unvarnished natural form.”


Taking centre-stage is Free Edge Conoid Table – a monumental George Nakashima table from 1969 in Persian walnut and American black walnut – “originally commissioned,” says Diner, “by the renowned National Geographic editor, William Garrett.”

Also striking is a round Gio Ponti Low Table, “originally designed,” Diner tells us, “ for the Milanese apartment Casa Lucano in 1951,” adding that “its sleek profile is in line with Ponti’s overall aesthetic which set the stage for the Post-War Italian design revival.”


The gallery like to complement their design with what Diner calls “good wallpower” – and this year’s show features Block Island by the great African American abstract expressionist, Norman Lewis. “Aesthetically, the colour scale – which ranges from deep violet to bright magenta – helps bring out the surprising range of natural tones present in the walnut and oak characterising our Ponti & Nakashima collections.”


All of the Geoffrey Diner Gallery’s shows have been exceptionally well presented, with atmospheric lighting and as much use of shadow as illumination; and Diner says: “I would emphasise that there is less thinking behind the collection we have curated than there is feeling guiding it.” Superb.

January 23, 2023