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Art Fairs: From Basquiat to Medieval Manuscripts...

"Of particular note is the teaming-up of New York-based Safani Gallery—which shows museum quality works of ancient art—with Washington D.C.’s Geoffrey Diner Gallery, which specializes in pre- and post-WWII furniture and art.

This nontraditional pairing of ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek antiquities alongside 20th century and contemporary design ultimately plays up the fair’s intention to encourage cross-collecting."


"...For example, the duo’s display includes a Greek marble head of Demeter from 400 BC, paired next to the 1973 Condoid bench by George Nakashima. Also available is and Egyptian bronze statue of Bastet, which dates back to 663-525 BC. 'It is our hope that visitors to Masterpiece will appreciate that great art transcends time, and that any work of art, whether it is modern or thousands of years old, has the ability to communicate beauty or emotion to those who view it,' gallerist Alan Safani said in conversation with Artnet News."

June 26, 2017
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