Cross-Collecting: The Aesthetic Nouveau

 Cross-collecting, or crossover buying, has been increasing in popularity for more than two decades with collectors new and seasoned.  By definition, it is mixing works from different periods—although the collection’s totality will be limitless in terms of aesthetics. The personalization of a collector’s tastes are more deeply represented through the various forms, and the collection as a whole becomes a reflection of the collector and their particular passions. 


This current trend in diversifying art collections is apparent in many of the large art fairs, and antique fairs, some of which have had rather stodgy requirements as to exhibited works from outside specific periods.  These eclectic displays have garnered interest from both decorators and individual collectors and  has been steering the direction of how we collect art.


From a strategic perspective, cross-collecting is a safeguard against market fluctuation. Much like an investment portfolio, having a diverse set of works allows for protection of overall value. Particular markets may rise and fall which may lead to decisions regarding buying or selling. With a diverse collection of works, a collector is left much more flexibility.


Lastly, we cannot overlook the sheer beauty and complexity a crossover collection offers its onlookers. It is not surprising that this new ethos has intrigued and inspired many collectors, and is proving to be a strongly-developing movement.


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